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Hardie Karges has the urge, this deep itch, to keep cruising—to keep gobbling up the countries and diving into new cultures…Once you settle into Karges’ style, a fine mix of chatty conversation interspersed with witty slices of poetry and moments of sheer beauty, you’ll find yourself extraordinarily engaged. “Hyptertravel” flies—Mark Stevens, “Don’t Need a Diagram,”  


Travel is more about the journey than the destination itself…The biggest goal of this website is to inspire others to travel. Reading Hypertravel did that for me—Ted Nelson,


What I most liked about the book is Karges’ description of the flavor of the cities and types of food available… This is a budget travel adventure and dining is on the cheap. For me, these are the best places to get a real flavor for a region—April M Williams, “Where Are You Today?”


“JRR Tolken once wrote, ‘Not all those who wander are lost.’ This idea is embodied in Hardie Karges book, Hypertravel”—Crystal Reel,


“Hardie is a smart man with a keen eye for detail. He effortlessly weaves in information about culture, people, traditions and music”—Leigh McAdam,


“Hypertravel is an essential reading for modern backpackers and young people traveling on limited budgets.  The writing is fluid, and unique with unexpected twists and turns, and outcomes”—Hrayr Berberoglu,


“Karges may or may not be a modern day Ibn Batuta or Marco Polo, but he wrote a fun and informative travel journal that really should be read”—Kaleel Sakakeeny,  


Hypertravel: 100 Countries in Two Years by Hardie Karges is one of the best written and most interesting travel books I ever read.”—Bonnie Neely, Amazon reviewer,



Here’s what some others are saying:


“Great voice. Very nicely done. The reader feels very comfy.  (Karges) is a terribly knowledgeable adviser, good to have around”—Amazon review by Barry Wightman, fiction editor of Hunger Mountain, author of the novel Pepperland, contributing essayist to WUWM Milwaukee


“Great writing…”—Tomas Belcik, editor of Top Travel Leads